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Hey! So im mizukiuki~ you can call me mizu ^_^ im a very lovable person but i can be very bitchy if needed. ^_~

Im not afraid of who i am. Although i am very open to convertations about religion and sexuality. (As long as you mature and no agruing. I dont argue i know people have different views and i accept that)

Ps; im a lil bit of a perv once you get to know me xD
I do love BoyXBoy. Its a obsesstion~
And as you may see i have a few books up but i lost connection with my insperation.

I am christian!~ I love God~ and i am Bisexual. Yes i love boobies and dick!! No i dont care if you dont like it. Like i said we are all intitled to our own opinons.

I also cant spell for shit so sorry xD. I love new friends so yeah send me a message! Lets talk ^_^ i dont bite...i do lick though ._. 

☆〜(ゝ。∂)~(・・?))( ̄▽ ̄)


His Bully : His Savior {BoyXBoy}

His Bully : His Savior {BoyXBoy}

11 parts / 16 pages, updated Dec 05, 2013
Alex is only 16 and yet he deals with so much. Not having any friends, being bullied, taking care of his brother, and his fathers merciless beatings. No one w... read more
10,817 reads votes 233 comments 49
The pain of hiding (BoyXboy) under some serious editing

The pain of hiding (BoyXboy) under some serious editing

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 02, 2013PG-13
Mac has always been the little emo kid. But last year was his year from hell and everything went down hill. Can his ex best friend save him, ... read more
649 reads votes 26 comments 8

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