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There is not much I can say about me but I do like good food and I love the sport of diving straight into bed with my favourite blankie and watching  the world through the eyes of a little something called a television. I do love good books though as much as I love good action-packed movies.
My uncle taught me that the reason we go to a cinema is to watch an action movie on the big screen in 3D; mom doesn't agree though. She loves those movies with a 'and they lived happily ever after part'; I despise those.
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In this life, I'm not perfect—never have been and never will be. Truth is... The top scientists don't have an answer for everything but we tend to forget that,don't we? We tend to go looking for things that don't seem to exist. We're never satisfied with our share; we always want more.

Morgan Freeman said in his movie (The Bucket List): Do you have joy in your life?
Answer that question then ask yourself: Does your joy bring joy in others life?

Sometimes its not about the big things or the money, It's about that smile he gave you or the love you have from others. When you become truly happy, you'll have looked past the imperfections.
Stay imperfect because you never know to whom your most perfect to.
I mean, to God's you're more perfect than diamonds so isn't that enough reassuarance that you're perfect?



Unravelled in Blossoming

Unravelled in Blossoming

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Dec 07, 2013PG-13Pictures
Once upon a time there was a he and a she; a he that neither broke her nor fixed her. He just watched her as she unravelled in blossoming and perhaps she unravel... read more
168 reads votes 27 comments 47
A Canvas of Vanilla

A Canvas of Vanilla

12 pages, updated Jul 12, 2013PG-13Completed
"Not just a flavour, but a way of life." - Vanilla, leigh_ There's something magical about Vanilla ice cream. I'm not sure w... read more
348 reads votes 9 comments 2
Grow Me Love

Grow Me Love

1 page, updated Jun 15, 2012Completed
Throw dirt on my heart and grow me love... Sealed with bliss. Heavenly-bliss from above Protect this love from showers of hatred Give it meaning and elaborate it...
75 reads votes 14 comments 10
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Unravelled in Blossoming

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