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I have #colddays but a #warmheart
my passion for things stretches beyond the universe's infinities
and my thoughts are poetically entwined by inspiration
while my stories are words that paint the canvas of reality 
with a kaleidoscope of colours

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i respect those who listen to the heartbeat of humanity
and don't ever censor life
I enjoy silence and pleasant cacophonies of conversations
i love those who have loved me so much they're unwilling to let go
the ones who know
my hamartia. my weakness. my strengths. my embarrassments and moments of glory. my imperfections and cracks. my smiles and my tears. my skin, heart and mind.
and they are still willing to love me. unconditionally.

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i pity how we define beauty
as if beauty is definable when really, it is simply something that is beyond our human logic
and for us to define beauty we must first understand it
how do you understand something beyond our understanding?

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i wish we would not ™ equality, put T’s&C’s to freedom
and had the willpower to go beyond borders and change the inequalities
i wish governments were not limited to corruption
and strove to better society
for the betterment of society, not to suit their comfort

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this is me trying to describe me
but i cannot describe myself in
two thousand characters
like two thousand characters 
is enough for the composition of my soul

i don't know anyone who has
and yet we still try
to minimise ourselves into a certain capacity.

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just like the universe
my soul, mind, heart is infinite
only limited by my skin

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“God cannot be contained in a building.” 
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Ncaaw, shame man. :|

Liked the idea of story by song and I just thought that perhaps you can add on the side, the video of the song so that I and other readers can know what song you are talking about. Like the entire time, I was thinking of "Bad Day" by Alvin and the Chipmunks. #Cute :)

Anyway, as for the actual chapter, it sounds really good, but I suggest just proofreading it for the minor mistakes I saw. :)
mizeroangel commented on Taming Jake (Rewriting) - Prologue

Sounds promising.

There is a bit of editing that can be done to improve the prologue, but other than that, I feel as though you've outlined the very basic plot of your story which is essentially what prologues should do so kudos to you.

Well done and keep on writing, you'll improve as you do. ;D