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I don't really like vampire stories >_<  twilight is enough. However I'm not an anti fan! Being an anti whatever is just a waste of time -.-
I don't get how and why girls think Justin beiber is hot and how others say he can't sing. Clearly he can sing (but not the type of music I like) but he is not hot. No offence beiber or bieber fans, I prefer real men ;)

I am 15 and preparing for my gcses. I am aiming for A's and A*'s --- yeah right! Getting an A* would be awesome to the max but it would take me studying all the time which I know won't happen since I'm in here most of the time reading   :( plus when I would want a break I would just read mangas, watch anime or watch Korean/Japanese dramas :D but I'm willing to try to get a most of them B's and maybe a handful of A's ;) 

Facts about me  
- I hate spicy food unless the foods really tasty I would just suck it up and try to endure the pain
- never had a boyfriend since my parents forbids me from hanging out with boys but I can still be friends with them (with both of my parents being highly suspicious about it)
- I embarrass myself nearly all the time. 
- British boys are dull, trust me ladies not ALL british guys are hot. Only a few are still breathing. I prefer Americans :D
- I like Japanese and Korean stuff >.<
- met a stranger recently and now I have stupid crush on him plus he has a gf. He shouldn't have talked to me then! Gahh :/
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