Well i wanted to change my about me cause i didnt like the old one

Hi my name is Alyssa i love music cant live without it.

I love my friends, family and people i dont know( unless u r haters then i wont like u)

My best friend in the whole world is
@forever_thequeen she is awesome i miss her so much

Music i like
• Pop
•hip hop
•and many more

Things i like to dance
•hang with my friends
•meet new people
•hanging at the mall
•and anyone can message me

Things i hate
•and bugs that come out of nowhere and scare u

I love emo people don't ask y i wont tell u.if u need someone to talk to I'm here and i will try and help u feel better.

I respect anyone thats gay,lesbian, and etc. thats whats makes u just be yourself don't listen to people that judge u cause they r just jealous cause they cant be u

Follow me on Instagram @_12sixteen_ cause my last one got deleted

I love u all bye for now
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    In Captain Americas bed
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    3 years ago

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