My name is Jenny (my boy name is Harold!) , I have a cat called Mina (hence the name Minieeelover, geddit?) and I love her to bits, especially when she ISN'T trying to shred me to pieces! ;)

I love One Direction! Proud to say I'm a Directioner since Torn! I don't care if you're from America, the Moon or Mars - if you support the boys no matter what then you're a Directioner to me! I love them so much, they constantly make my day just by being on my posters (how many I have I'm not going to say!). I doubt I'll ever meet them, but I don't mind. Well ok maybe I do a little... ok, I do mind, a lot...

When life throws things at you, catch them, you never know you might just catch One Direction...

I Love:
Winnie The Pooh!
PIXIE LOTT! my beautiful idol ❤️
my friends :D
singing (I'm not very good though)
being lazy
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Broken Shoes

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Description: Gwen loves to dance, it's her life. It's also the reason she moves to London, to go to dance collage. An oportunity of a life time comes up and she mucks up royally, but the celeb still takes her on, broken ankle and all. Things start looking up for...

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Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

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Layla Sansom is a fairy, and she’s part of the only flight of fairies left. Nixon Hardey is a werewolf...