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Well this is my first time writing something about myself since i don't have facebook or i'm gona make it quick.

I live in Germany with my lovely family,in general i'm part german part albanien(don't ask me to tell u the exact mixe let'S say it'S very long) i don't have any brothers or sisters ( don't think i'm spoiled cause i'm really not) ...& I can speak 4 languages.

My hobbys are:...well of cause reading online on WATTPAD but also sometimes on QUIZILLA , i love any kind of winter sport,climbing,dancing,talking(hours with my best friends),watching korea dramas and international... and a lot more than this but its not coming 4 the moment but soon...


.`•.¸.•´ ♥ 
¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨) 
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸

p.s: sorry 4 the grammar but it's just a quick draft and i'm not english 100%.. so please forgive me guys!!
p.p.s: my library is not my real one because i read and work just with my IPhone and the thing is that my computer does not upload my one and only library that i'm using(one the phone) so the one you see is  one of my friends that i used 2 share my account with so she can give votes 2 her favourite storys...(:D) so just don't make any ideas or so of the wrong one.



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┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE●● 

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║╩║║║╔╗if you love giving away 
╚╩╩═╩═╝ hugs.♥.♥.♥. 

__.·-"-·.___ This is SnOoPy. Copy and 
_/)c_c_(__ paste him in ur profile to 
(/(_ O _))__ help him gain world 
_(``)~(´´)_ peace ^^Stop animal abuse!! 

*•.¸♥¸.•**•.¸♥¸.•**•.¸♥¸.•**•* •.¸♥¸.•**•.¸♥¸.•**•
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