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so instead of me actually paying attention in school i just spent every waking moment trying to find ways to sneakily read this book. I also had this really giant smile on my face all day because in my mind I was screaming SETH AND KEELY SETH AND KEELY AHHHHHHHHH, yeah it was bad. 
      This chapter was unbelievably  good and I know I say that about every chapter but every chapter just gets better and better. Also every time you update (I always get it when I just wake up I don't know why) I immediately get really excited and tell my friends (even though only one of them is currently reading the story so she understands my pain and excitement) but this has been going on for a year of so they're used to it. 
      But back to the chapter
      The interview killed me. I loved all the libertine lyrics (I really got into them after reading the chapter with music when the lights go out) and just the way they were joking and laughing and just really getting to know each other just made me so happy. 
      I also just want to start off by saying that I like Nick but I don't like him with Keely. I mean I think he has really affected her and helped her get out of the post spears rut she was in, I also think that he is good for her and that they love each other to a point. Their relationship is on the rocks and if they break up Keely's going to be destroyed but I think she's strong enough to get back up I mean she's Keely Staub. 
      I just can't help but feel that Seth and Keely are meant to be together, they just fit so well and even though they can't go back (haha get it) I feel like maybe if they honestly worked on it they can learn from what they had and go on and dominate. Honestly if Seth and Keely get back together and they actually move on but learn from what happened (this is actually my dream) they would dominate. They would be so powerful with music and not even their on music but music in general like they could produce and help people and just be amazing together. 
      Bur also another part of me is saying that they're relationship is toxic (but I'm a sucker for those) and they would just drive themselves mad. But the bigger part says that this could be good they just need to learn from their mistakes. 
      Alright so onto the other parts of the story. Jay and Toby are great just as great as I remember and I'm so glad that they came back. I love the interaction with Seth I thought it was awful and in my head I thought he would say something like "Yeah I know how loud she could be" but he didn't and they got over it which was good because Keely doesn't need that. 
      The last scene when Seth sang the song I felt so many different things. I mean I've listened to that song dozens of time so you would think I would get the drift but when he sang it to Keely i was just like ahhhhhhh what does it all mean. I'm hoping it just means that he wants them to grow and just be good again and that he loves her always. 
      And the very last scene I think the person is Maureen at least I'm hoping it's her.
      So thanks for the update it made my whole month and I will be anxiously waiting for the next one. 
      I'm also super sorry this comment is so long I'm typing it on my phone and I'm just so happy and excited about the chapter!

So guys, talk to me, I miss you guys! I feel a bit seperated from this whole thing at the moment. 
i got this update right before i had to go to school so i was reading in between classes and any second in between notes. I just got home and finished it and now I'm crying. This book makes me so excited and happy i just love it so much. I love the characters and their emotions and the music. Ohh the music is amazing i always end up listening to the songs and bands mentioned in each chapter. So thanks for the music i love hearing new things. Anyways back to the chapter it was amazing! I miss Seth and Keely so much and the end just had me so upset. Especially their conversation when they said that Jude reminded them of each other and I was just so sad because those memories are so vivid for them. And when Keely said that thing about Seth just being there because he HAD to...i almost threw my phone across the room. THANK YOU for this update i really needed something good and this was just super great. I can't wait until another update! Thanks again. 
      P.S. I just want to say I love reading about younger Jude and her situations with Keely and Seth it's very awesome the way you made it all work.
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you can't begin to understand my excitement when i saw the update. It feels like forever since I read this book and as soon as I saw update it was like every emotion came rushing in. Anyways this chapter was amazing and I love Worlds Apart and i thought that this chapter was just so interesting because you get to learn even more about Jude. I feel like Keely's attached to Jude is because she reminds her of her younger self. I hope she called Seth in my mind he's the only person that makes sense and will understand why Keely is so attached to Jude. I'm also super conflicted because I've always been routing for Seth and Keely ever since Just What I Needed (wow it's been so long since i've read it) but Nick brings her so much comfort. I just feel like Seth and Keely have this undeniable love and chemistry that you can't get rid of but it's also so toxic. Anyways I can't wait for an update, thanks for the chapter.