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midnight101 commented on Worlds Apart - Chapter Twenty One

Damn thats all i can say every chapter sends my heart beating on overload.
Jude's decision making skills are on point shes rash at times but its good and it makes her, her. Arabella i mean i get it but it doesnt justify what she did. This chapter was amazing i praise you for your song choice. THANKS FOR UPDATING! Seriously though this book makes me so happy, you're so talented. This book is so amazing i can't wait for more.

“I’m not going to hurt you again,” Lake assures me, sending me a gaze that actually makes me believe him. As crazy as it might be. 
ughdjakakdj he better still try very hard to make it up i really love them together and i know they're going to help each other out and i love that but he's going to have to work very hard (i guess i forgive him too) :)

“That’s how it always works, isn’t it?” I wonder rhetorically. “People just apologize to me until I forgive them and I do it so easily but why? Why should I forgive you? Because you texted...
She's so right i feel like everyone has treated arial like absolute crap she offers her house to a guy who she didnt even like and he gets scared because of his feelings and betrays her trust and her best friend screwed up a lot and Ari always forgives her. I mean i like Leda she's her best friend but she keeps doing things that she kinda has no business in and i really like Lake and i understand he's messed up but he needs to control himself. Ariel doesn't deserve all of this and i hope if she forgives them they spend a lot of time making it up to her.