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I mia young am addicted to WATTPAD YA!!!!!! anyways im a crazy, fun loving person...But my family members do say i have anger ishes! sooo don't get on my bad side mauhaha ha(; just gotta love the evil laugh huh? just kinding i now you guys do .. or maybe not mmmmh lol 

but here a liittle bit about my self i love reading can't write a good story unfortunetly ):.....buut i love reading them so that works , also do soccer and cheer ,sing in a choir and play in a band ain't i awesome ya i know right......

Anyways hope you guys love me and justin beiber also can't forget ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!! HEEHEE

                SINCERLY MY CRAZY SELF, mia! XOXO

P.s. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION IF YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED THAT OUT YET HEEHEE bye see you later my pretties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (; hahahaahahahaaa O and JUSTIN BEIBER who else going to his concert and meeting jb ...along with also going to  the one direction concert and meeting them too besides ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(): 

           sincerly my crazy self ,MIA! xoxo
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One night with the prince
13,300,137 reads

The Alpha Meets The Rogue
23,272,282 reads

He Was Looking For A Princess,...
11,605,631 reads

Sink Into Me
10,349,836 reads

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