I love to read all the time.  It is my hobby and favorite thing to do.  Television can only hold my attention for specific shows such as Breaking Bad, The Voice and just a handful more until it just becomes background noise.  Finally turned 46 this year. Life is so hectic and full of drama so I tend to be a little anti social to a certain degree.  
Love music that I can sing along while driving.
There is a tremendous  amount of respect for anybody who decides to write a story.
I LOVE WEREWOLF STORIES. (funny cause I was team Edward on twilight)
I reside in the great state of Texas.  However; I was born and raised in Monterrey Nuevo Leon.
I have four awesome kids all grown up thank you lord.
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mgwescoat commented on Curves - Chapter 87

You go girl tell her like it I s.  However, in my philosophy about family blood is blood and at the end of the day you may hate or dislike heavily your siblings actions but love for them will always be there.  The hate love line sometimes get blurred.