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My name is CM Schlussler. I usually write Sci/Fi and Fantasy but for wattpad purposes I probably will be posting things on the side of my main stories. I aspire to be an author like most wattpaders, but i don't really want any of that plagiarizing buisness to deal with, so i'll just be posting little things.... then again, my deffinition of little is a 600 page novel. 

My all time favorite writers and books are,
John Flanagan, Rangers Apprentice
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter
Orwen Scott Card, Ender's Game
Neal Schusterman, Unwind

Favourite move people are, Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Conner, Abbott and Costtello etc.

I'm also probably the most sarcastic person to ever walk the face of the earth, and that shows through my writing.

I love Classic rock, play a little too much PS3, and have an odd infactuation with Goldfish crackers... And i'm a Super Hero Fanatic. I love them, i actually can't even comprehend to you how much i love suepr heroes. I even read comic books, i own classic VHS tapes that have the really old Spiderman mini movies on them. I know little random facts that most people would label stupid. But I don't know, i just can't get enough. it's something about the good vs. evil, the way you can fly around the world in half a second like Superman and it's completley normal. Anything is possible in the DC and Marvel worlds, and i wish i lived in them. 

Batman's my favourite though, Batman is my world. <3

 Anyways! That's me! :)

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