I love to read, especially fantasies. 
I'll try to sort out what i read into different categories, so those of you who visit my profile can look for them easily.
  If your having problems finding my profile over and over again, i suggest you fan me, or add a book of mine to your library so u can find me easier. 
I read all types of books, so check back often!

- Im typing up a book
- I started school again, so im gonna be busier
- I like tattoos
- Im a morning person
- Im a night owl
- I like lions
- I have a pet dog..plus two
- most of the people i fan have really good books in their library
- I realise that Kellan Lutz is a sexy being
- I know for a fact that Francisco Iachowski is sexy and adorable at the same time
- i love to read
- My editor is my sister Jordina
- i love having fans. it makes me feel popular.
- My favorite color is red.. or blue.. or black
- I love scary movies
- I wish i could speak doginese
- I procrastinate
- I like the stupidest things. ask my sister.
- Im a decent artist
- I cant sing
- i CAN lip sing
- I like to pretend i can dance
- I like watching dancing movies and then imitating them.
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Description: INTRO Meet Elise. A teen with a secret. Now a senior in high school, Elise can hardly wait to get out into the real world. Trying to fit in with normal teens is harder than she initially thought, with all the drama and rumors circling. Elise enters...

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