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"Regrets are for people what stop on the ground. We're heading for the stars" - Becky Granger, Coronation Street.

I'm a thirty-something mother of a precocious three-year-old.  He needs no sugar to get excited.  He's high on life.

I'm a university student who hopes to major in Writing/Anthropology.  I hope that one day I can write a book on Japanese fashion and culture...or any fashion for that matter.

I think all my stories suck.

I've been through a lot in my life, but now, I am ready to take a leap and shine.

I'm horrible at making covers.  I need more fonts.

~~==UPDATE SCHEDULE==~~ As for June 4, 2012

School just got I'll update when I came.  I'm so sorry!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me!  I like messages.  Just please remember that I am a mom, so I can't always respond immediately.  Please give me at least a day.

Thank you so much to all my fans!  Your support is amazing!




8 parts / 23 pages, updated Jul 31, 2012PG-13
What if you found yourself at a crossroads? What if you found yourself having to make a choice that will determine your course in life? What would you do? What choice would you... read more
3,873 reads votes 104 comments 71


11 parts / 35 pages, updated Jul 18, 2012RCompleted
I never thought the scent of my perfume would bring to me the man I desperately fell in love with, who fell in love with me...but can a man be in love with your scent, but not with ... read more
5,987 reads votes 127 comments 16
His Lovely Prose

His Lovely Prose

3 pages, updated Jul 14, 2012PG-13
He's an unearthly beautiful in sea of mortals, destined to be popular and well-liked, and paired with the most beautiful girl in the entire school? But sometimes, the fa... read more
317 reads votes 11 comments 2
A Demon's Vow

A Demon's Vow

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Jul 08, 2012PG-13
Maya Carver is a decidedly normal person, quiet and introverted in nature, but wishes she were more outgoing. Her live drastically changes one fate night when she comes f... read more
1,423 reads votes 33 comments 21
Cupcake (Full-Figured Buttercream)

Cupcake (Full-Figured Buttercream)

1 page, updated Jun 17, 2012PGVideoCompleted
A full-figured girl with a red-velvet cupcake takes on the world. Victory is delicious.
870 reads votes 25 comments 11
The Taming of the Cougar

The Taming of the Cougar

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Jun 14, 2012PGPicturesCompleted
An older, insecure woman is tempted by a younger, charismatic man. Will she ultimately reject him, or will he "tame the cougar"?
3,515 reads votes 74 comments 54
The Tome of Kawaii

The Tome of Kawaii

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 12, 2012G
A Light-Hearted and sometimes Academic look into Kawaii Culture and more from Japan.
587 reads votes 12 comments 9
I'm Golden

I'm Golden

2 parts / 1 page, updated Jun 11, 2012PG-13
Eugene Moore is a socially-awkward, studious, and intelligent young woman who is currently starting her master's degree in Cultural Anthropology. She's also a fairly strong w... read more
966 reads votes 14 comments 4
Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me Halfway

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Jun 09, 2012PG-13Pictures
Welcome to the "Hub" - the place where newly departed souls reside while their eternal fate is being judged. Audrey was a bitter, hard-hearted school nurse unti... read more
944 reads votes 39 comments 15


21 parts / 62 pages, updated Jun 07, 2012PG-13Video
Elodie Jean-Samuel has returned her to native city of Chicago after four years of self-imposed exile. Now, she will learn that no matter what, you can always return home...and the man she's hopelessly in love with is all too happy to teach her.
10,539 reads votes 100 comments 32
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