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Working mom of two amazing teenagers, a son, 16 & a daughter, 15. Oh, they're the best thing I've ever done; the best part of me.
 - I'm in a 13 yr roller coaster of a relationship. We've surely seen some tough times (& that's putting it mildly). But, who hasn't, right? Many times, I've thought of giving up, but more parts of me believe it's worth fighting for.
 -- I am the oldest of 5 girls. My sisters are beautiful, loving, & supportive.. Actually, that describes my whole family. My parents, nieces, nephews.. You get the idea. :) - So, I grew up in a happy home. Somehow that didn't stop me from struggling w/ addiction for years. I'm in recovery now, but it's always a battle. One I continue fighting.
 But, fighting the fight doesn't stop me from being happy, silly, & a little bit craZy. (ok, aLoT craZy)-
 I love w/ my entire soul, & most times, I'm too trusting.
 ** An important fact: I'm A ToTaL FrEaK FoR 80's HaiR BaNdS! :) **
 *****I love it here @ wattpad!!!!! I've wanted to be a writer all my life, but never seriously pursued it. Although, I have written poems my whole life... Some have been lost, some I have, but at this time, a little too self conscience to post them for all to see. :) Wish I had talent to write stories, but definately  working on it. My goal is to write my autobiography. Not in a vain way, but a theraputic one. (damn, I didn't spell that right, did I?)..... I do love reading stories here. Lots of talent out there. Very admirable. ***** This is my own little Wonderland. :)))
--- I would like to add that I am a fan of the TwilightSaga, & love alot of the fanfics, but please understand I am about so much more than that. * Just don't want NonTwi fans to bypass me. :))




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Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words hurt worse than that. :(
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This is no sort of brilliant writing. It was written during a breakup, while in rehab. (fun stuff) So, it's not great, but it's heart felt.
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Rock Music (school essay, year '87 / age 17)

Rock Music (school essay, year '87 / age 17)

1 page, updated Sep 15, 2012Completed
Wow, I came across this in an old school "safe keep" book.. I am 39 yrs old, & this was written when I was 17. Turned in as an Engl... read more
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They Think I've Got it all Together

They Think I've Got it all Together

1 page, updated Sep 13, 2012
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On the Inside

On the Inside

1 page, updated Sep 11, 2012Completed
I posted this, even though I know it's no good.. Thought it would be a way to get some tips. I have things to say, and experiences to share, I'm just not a very good writer.
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This is about my addiction to prescription pain meds, & what it was like when I "got clean".
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thank u so much... most of the time, life experiences say it all....

thank u so much... most of the time, life experiences say it all....

@spharrison1 ~~ I KnOw.. IT's oNLy RoCk n RoLL, bUt I LiKe iT!! .... :))
Rock Music (school essay, y...

@OwainGlyn ~ I can't wait til I can get off this phone & back on net, so I can chk ur stuff out, too. :))
Rock Music (school essay, y...

@spharrison1 ~ Thank u! :) .. Yea, even if they didn't quite understand me, they were so supportive, always have been.. I just wanted to be...
Rock Music (school essay, y...