"T h e L o r d i s close t o t h e b r o k e n h e a r t e d
a n d s a v e s t h o s e w h o a r e crushed i n s p i r i t."
{Psalm 34:18}
A B O U T M E: (Stuff you may or may not want to know.)

*Blonde ballerina
*Honorary Leftover
*Blue-eyed cry baby
*Proud chocoholic
*Lover of gray
*Believer in Jesus Christ
*Player of the flute and piccolo
*Big dreamer
Loonies (fellow Luna Lovegood fans--the best fans in the world), thank you all so much for your ever shock-inducing support! Love you all!
Here, I will try my hand at being a novelist, make a mess and probably end up with a smattering of poems. Don't be surprised if I make no sense at all.
short stories~underfoot~evanescent~blacks and blues~the turtleduck mother~floating petals~a menace of manifestation~all alone~when sleep doesn't come~how the raccoon got his mask~the water in the well~when it is forbidden~and more
stand alone poetry~valleys~raw~hope~the world watches~the girl you never knew~freedom is not free~the potential of maybes~phoenix~a game of sacrifice~i am a war veteran~and more
on hold~luna lovegood and the music box~reading pictures~i am not the last airbender~letters to people~medicandi~and more (I apologize; I've been having health issues)

i love you, guys

my sister:
To everyone who has read my work and not turned away, thank you.
To everyone who has loved my work, thank you.
To everyone who has showed their support, thank you.
To everyone who has ever said a word to me, thank you for using one of your precious breaths on me.
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Giants are walking. They are not afraid. Are you?

meeko228 commented on Luna Lovegood

Luna then found her page in her newly cleaned Quibbler, found her page and again resumed her reading.  The Hogwarts Express continued on its way, when yet again the compartment door slid open and a r...
Thank you!
meeko228 commented on Difficult Moments. - John.

I'm interested to see where you go with this story! Sorry I didn't get back to your message right away. This is a nice start! I'd like to hear more about Anastasia's friend and her relationship with Anastasia. Thanks for asking me to read this! :)
meeko228 commented on Valleys

Thank you! I wrote in the car on the way home with my family from visiting relatives for Christmas and we drove through the Appalachian Mountains. :)
meeko228 commented on Long Way Home - Involved

Hi. I appreciate your opinion. But I felt the need to respond. There is no plot to this story because this is not a story. This is a collection of poems. A collection of poems does not require a plot but in some cases it does require some sort of theme or connector between each poem. That connection is through me. When I was writing these, quite a few years ago, I was writing them for me. They were like my free-form diary. I found that some people enjoyed reading them so I began posting them. Some people get more out of them than others and I completely understand that. To be honest, this is not here so much for you as it is for me. This was the outlet for a struggling junior high girl that needed at release. This is what she found. I'm sorry you don't enjoy them, I don't particularly enjoy reading back all of them too often as well because they do not reflect my current stage in my writing life. But it is nice to see growth and that is why I still have them here. Thank you and I hope you have a nice day!