A new flashfiction (etc.) blog I'm participating in with two of my friends!  I post EVERY THURSDAY!  
"T h e   L o r d   i s    close     t o   t h e    b   r   o   k   e   n    h    e    a    r    t    e    d
           a n d   s a v e s   t h o s e    w h o    a r e    crushed    i n    s p i r i t."
                                                                                                 {Psalm 34:18}
A B O U T  M E:  (Stuff you may or may not want to know.)

*Blonde ballerina
*Honorary Leftover
*Blue-eyed cry baby
*Proud chocoholic
*Lover of gray
*Believer in Jesus Christ
*Player of the flute and piccolo
*Big dreamer
Loonies (fellow Luna Lovegood fans--the best fans in the world), thank you all so much for your ever shock-inducing support!  Love you all!
Here, I will try my hand at being a novelist, make a mess and probably end up with a smattering of poems.  Don't be surprised if I make no sense at all.

i love you, guys

My sister:
To everyone who has read my work and not turned away, thank you.
To everyone who has loved my work, thank you.
To everyone who has showed their support, thank you.
To everyone who has ever said a word to me, thank you for using one of your precious breaths on me.
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Description: Part 3 in the "Contemplative Compositions" series. This is where I put my every random thought that may or may not deserve to be emblazoned on your screen. (In this edition I will probably also post some prose/flashfiction from a blog I'm writing...

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SoccerGirl0307 posted a message to meeko228
Dear Meeko228,
     I would love to hear what happened in the story, but I am totally OK if you don't have time. I get that you are busy because I barely keep up with all my stuff myself. I was just curious about what happened (I say curious but most people just call me nosy). Thank for writing and thank for replying to my comment. 

               From a Curious Girl, 
Dear Meeko228,

Reading your book Luna Lovegood made me realise how we should treat everyone equally, no matter how different they are. So i thank you for showing me the light and i would love to follow you! 

                                     Yours Truly,
                                       Emmeline ♡
P.S I would love to get a reply!
meeko228 commented on Luna Lovegood

Luna then found her page in her newly cleaned Quibbler, found her page and again resumed her reading.  The Hogwarts Express continued on its way, when yet again the compartment door slid open and a...
Probably a mistake!
SoccerGirl0307 posted a message to meeko228
Dear Meeko228,
         Are you still writing Wing It?? There are some of us that really like your writing and are wondering what happens. And I personally think you did a great job portraying the characters and hope to know what happens to Max, Fang, and Dylan. 

                                      Yours Truly,
                                                 Maddie ;)