I love anything Romance, books, songs, movies and have had a great romance of my own. I also love to read!

I'm 36, and about Feb 2012, I took a chance and uploaded the first chapter of A Friendships Love. I hope that you take the time to read it because I love that story, It's not perfect but its mine!

All stories on here are my first drafts!

I will ALWAYS finish a story. I do try hard to fix mistakes, but I miss a lot, because I'm not that great at grammar. But be assured, I do constantly work on fixing them and I can only get better.

I write stories that showcase some of the ways Australia was populated. Convicts hold a big part of that history, and there are many story bases there. I feel like I'm digging into my own heritage when I research my stories as I have both convict and indigenous roots.
I love regency, cowboys and the way our ancestors have carved out our countries. Australia had Cowboys, Cowgirls, Bush rangers, Natives, and High Society just like all those other books you read out there, and I am going to write about them. I hope you enjoy the work I have put up already, and all the others I have in my head to write.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, thanks for fanning, and most importantly thanks for giving me a chance to share my stories. :) Happy reading everyone one!


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A Settlers Love (settlers series book 3)

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Description: This is simply a romance, between a girl and a boy. Ashleigh Townshend, was born into a privileged life. She was raised to show respect for all those around her. Through the eyes of an unprejudiced upbringing, her best friend is the head maids daugh...

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I always tell myself that if I get one person who reads, and waits for my stories, that one person will be enough. I have more reads on A Settlers Love than I ever thought was possible after keeping people waiting for so long. When I began writing this during nano month last year, I had no idea where it was going. So even though I have a lot of words down for it, I've had to write a lot for this next chapter. Which is finished. I am going to go over it a few more times, and then post it. As always, sorry about the grammar, but those who have been with me for  a while, know wht to expect and know I am trying. :)
I've started writing the third Settler Series book. A Settler Love. Even though i have a lot written for this book already, I am still somewhat winging it. I hope you all like Ashlieghs story, it has been on my mind for a very very long time!