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- Anne has always been a strong girl and always on the run, but her lung cancer is spreading and she’s dying.  Her wolf refuses to heal, and she fells that she has only a couple of miles last on her life. She found out the perfect person, the one made especially for her, but he has already chosen someone else. The pain that her mate caused her is unbearable, but at the Clinic for Experimental Treatment of Clovelly,England, she is going to reevaluate her life and a strange felling that she’s fighting not to call love.

- Fantasy. Written with aeirth : Chronos was the son of time. He was trapped between the seconds and he could only dream with life on earth. Real life. Chronos, the boy that never understood a tear and a laugh, is going to survive high school.

I’m an actress, an aspirant of a singer, a dancer, a college student, a future journalist, a press advisor, a producer… oh, yeah! I’m also a WRITER (a publish one since I was 12).

I've been writing for quite a long time here on Brazil.

Maybe my stories will surprise you, maybe you won't like them at all. Life ain't always a fairytale, but sometimes, if you just look the right way, it can become magical.

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Running the last mile

Running the last mile

7 parts / 15 pages, updated Apr 19, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
[Trailer inside!] Anne has always been a strong girl and always on the run, but her lung cancer is spreading and she’s dying. Her wolf refuses to heal, and she f... read more
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