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To tell the truth I am not a very good writer, but I like to read other stories created by aspiring writers. :)

But if you do visit my profile for some odd reason i'll tell you a few things about myself:

~ Loud & Proud Samoan ☆
~ I love books [duh!] ;)
~ I love vintage photographs :) ♡
~ I like to watch classic movies from 40's to 80's
~ Arts is my passion ∞ ♥ ∞
~ I love twists and drama 
~ I am a chocolate FREAK! ^_^
~ I like to watch Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Merlin, How I Met Your Mother & Criminal Minds ♡ ♡ 
~ Watching anime and reading mangas :D
~ I love to listen to k-pop, post-hardcore, jazz, alternative pop & some R&B (TLC, Whitney Houston, & Beyoncé)
~ and I would LOVE to travel the whole world! ♥ ♥

In my theater class today, we were reading Tennessee William's "A Streetcar Named Desire", which was absolutely AMAZING! It was provocative with a plot twist that just killed my heart. As I researched further into Tennessee's life, I learned that his life was a tragedy which he added into his plays. I am so glad we learned about him in class - he is definitely one of America's greatest playwright. While I researched William, I learned about Marlon Brando and his life was a hot mess - he knocked up so many actresses and fathered 13 kids. But I have to applaud him, from his debut film "A Streetcar Named Desire" to his awarding performance in the "Godfather" (which he declined the honorable award), he was an iconic figure of the film industry and brought the technique 'method acting' into limelight. He was the definite bad boy with the leather jacket, sideburns and motorcycle. Too bad he let himself go in both his career and physical appearance, but he left a legacy behind along with amazing actors and actresses in his time and in our time (James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Charlie Chaplin, Paul Newman, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, James Caan, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, and many more).
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