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I love to read. I read Everyday.
Reading is truly my ultimate escape. When I read books im thrown into many different worlds and amazing adventures. I get all happy when i get a new awesome book, and sad when i finish. 

I have many stories in my mind but it is hard to write em all down and form them into the right words. Im not planning on being a writer when i grow up, but it is something fun to do.

I LOVE to help people out. Im a naturally caring person. I can't stand by and not help. It says on  my conscious if i dont. Thats why when i grow older i wanna do something the helps everybody and the world.
I believe in fairytales and that the world has the potential to become better but it isnt just trying. 
I believe one person can make a difference no matter  how impossible the chances are
I believe in love, that there is someone out there made especially for us. Sometimes we have the amazing opportunity to meet them and other times we dont.
 I believe that everyone has the potential to be who ever they want to be they just have to put in the effort.

and I believe that dreams sometimes really do come true with hard work and sacrifices.

Peace and Love


Wolf Circle

Wolf Circle

13 parts / 16 pages, updated Nov 28, 2012PG-13
Elizabeth's parents "ruined" her life by taking her away from her beloved city and to the middle of No where. For what reason she doesnt know. Just as she's feeling t... read more
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