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My name's Sarah. I'm from Texas, I'm 15 years young, and Wattpad is my baby.

-Eastern Star
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Always Running

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Description: Tiana Harris, she's a runner. She never thought when she did it for fun, she'd be doing it for her life, not only hers but her sons too. But as much as you run, you can't hide. Not from Landon Crowwell at least. Being kidnapped and held captive, she...

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One Night Stand

One Night Stand

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Karina Wyatt is 22, head strong, confident, smart, and beautiful Georgia Peach. Her on and off boyfriend...

"No. You acknowledged Bri's presence like any other fucking dumb person in this school. But you didn't talk to her. Nobody knew her like i did. If your here to tell me your fucking sorry you can walk...
Her ass would've got slapped, sorry . I know you mad, but you can get rid of that attitude .
marieluvzyhuu8 commented on $treet - Chapter 1: E-Money.

I don't hate Cameron and his friends they just played all the damn time, but I did talk to one though. Carter. He was fine as hell, and chill unlike the rest of them. He did play around here and ther...
She just keep bring Cameron ass up huh
marieluvzyhuu8 commented on Hidden Fire | - Chapter 5 |

And when AInsley woke up, she looked so beautiful. Like she stepped out a page of my own personal fantasy book. I know it's against my morals to cuff another man's woman, but it's his loss. Ainsley i...
Exactly she's a cheater. Whether we like it or not since the first chapter we knew it. And she mad a kirko 
marieluvzyhuu8 commented on West $avannah ☪ - XVII

This year, I didn't know what I wanted to do. Naja's mother is eager for me to come to their place, Mama Shabazz says she expects me to come over to their spot and Tarion has also invited me to come...
Better make her thanksgiving rounds . Go spend a little time every where be sure to save the best for last (Tarion)