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My name's Sarah. I'm from Texas, I'm 15 years young, and Wattpad is my baby.

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Always Running

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Description: Tiana Harris, she's a runner. She never thought when she did it for fun, she'd be doing it for her life, not only hers but her sons too. But as much as you run, you can't hide. Not from Landon Crowwell at least. Being kidnapped and held captive, she...

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One Night Stand

One Night Stand

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Karina Wyatt is 22, head strong, confident, smart, and beautiful Georgia Peach. Her on and off boyfriend...

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See like wtf there's no grown man with sense gone say some shit like this. Wtf is wrong with him, he acting hella slow. Like he has special needa
marieluvzyhuu8 commented on Beware - ♔ 27

She was ready earlier but now she curving him cause she tired. I'm sorry but as the story go on I find things I don't like about Reina more and more. He wanna do things for her because she do things for other people. Like what? Besides that one thug at her body salon. She letting a nigga stress her out, she pushing people away. I understand alone time and being depressed but damn. Then Rafael gone apologize talking about he being selfish. I don't think he's been selfish this whole time. Him offering to take her to Japan was nice especially since she always stressed, she could get away from it all. Like I'm just tired of her and Damien either they getting together or they not. And Damien portrays a dumb black man, that's that shit that I don't like. Like he letting a bitch control him. There absolutely cannot be any man in this world as naive as he is in this book. Then him winning custody? Like hell no. And Tatiana being so evil for no reason. Every demon has a motive.
marieluvzyhuu8 commented on Beware - ♔ 26

This doesn't make any type of sense. Any judge with common sense and evidence brought forth to him the way it was would've ruled the case differently. Either this is bullshit, or he was paid to make that decision in custody.
marieluvzyhuu8 commented on Beware - ♔ 22

He looked at me for a moment, processing everything I was preaching then said, "Let's do it then."
This guy is so damn gullible. And I hope Tatiana ass get killed by the end of this bok
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"Forget it. I came down here with you to support you and your business during a big deal and you can't even support me when the one thing I put my soul into for so many years burns to the ground. I j...
She trippin rn. I would've been holding up them scissors after she said that "snip snip bitch, you've been cut off"