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Fate & Faith (One direction)

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Description: Iva Z. is as normal as girl could be.She never thought her life could turn in 360 in a day and it all started when she was celebrating her 17th birthday.. It's fate what brought them together but it's faith what make them stay together. (i suck at d...

mariave18 commented on Lucas' Revenge - Chapter Nine

i knooow, this is like totally different writer who wrote this, the weird thing is, the first 3 chapter was act good, then suddenly it turned downhill? is this like the first book she wrote or what, how come her previous novels was good then
mariave18 commented on Lucas' Revenge - Chapter Six

why does the writing if this story became weird? the first three chapter were so good like the rest of the writers book, but suddenly this recent chapter suddenly seem a mess? like it's a different writer wgo wrote this, lol i dont know..i hope the rest of this story is as good as usual.