Hola my special peeps!

Oh and if you wanna follow me on twitter my username is @tm_mendes90 although I hate it when they say 'so-and-so is now following you.' it makes me feel weird...like i have all these stalkers o.O Oh and Wattpad HQ interviewed me over the phone so if you want to you can listen to me talk lol because how exciting is that?! ;P just type in the link here: http://soundcloud.com/wattpad of course I'm under mamie1990

I can't see myself not writing. It's become a part of me. My views on things are as people would say 'old fashioned'. I don't believe in sex before marriage The only reason I believe that though is because I want to be able to look at the man I just married and say 'I loved and respected you enough to wait for you' It also shows that I respect myself myself too. If you don't believe this than that's fine I'm not going to shove my beliefs down your throat that's not how I roll lol.

To me that wedding night is supposed to be special and something that's worth waiting for. I love my future husband even though I don't know him yet. Call me sappy I don't care it's how I view things. But I also respect others opinions because I think it's stupid when others try to force their way of thinking on you.

If you have questions just let me know and I'll try and help! :) TO MY FANS!! i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!! Oh and my facebook is under Mamie Mendes if you want to look me up! :)

UPDATE!!!! I'M GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER ACCOUNT SPECIFICALLY FOR MY OLDER WORKS. ie: I didn't know the guy I fell for was my teacher, switched, Vengeful Love, Love in the trenches, Convicted Love ect. Will post more about it on a later date.....
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A Wish Filled Romance

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Description: Gordon had it all. The rich lifestyle, girls wanting him, and friends. He never wanted anything in his life. His parents made sure of that. If he accidentally broke a plasma screen TV they would simply replace it. Everything was disposable in his ey...


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My Beloved (sample, getting published Dec. 28th 2014)

My Beloved (sample, getting published Dec. 28th 2014)

4.5M 93.6K 7.2K

She gave me life again. She is the my entire purpose on breathing. Her blood calls out to me like a sire...

My Captor-Sequel to My Beloved

My Captor-Sequel to My Beloved

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Sequel to My Beloved. Life as a vampire has been easier for Wendy to handle along with being a new mom...

One night with the prince (sample)

One night with the prince (sample)

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Anna is a simple girl from a small town. But is as mouthy as they come. One day she wins a radio contest...

Intertwined (on hold for now)

Intertwined (on hold for now)

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Cali leaves her family behind and heads off to college. It's normal to feel homesick and scared but she...

Ohohannah posted a message to mamie1990
Hello! Is One night with Prince available in the Philippines? Lately did I just read that  there are only about 20 chapters on wattpad... I really love the book fro the start and I would love to finish it. From chapter 1 I've been laughing and giddy. Where can I buy the book? :(
I am reading  One Night With The Prince and I was wondering where I can buy it at. Is it available on Itunes? If not please tell me where I can purchase it. Thanks :)
Hey everyone!

I have awesome news for you, especially for those who have just been begging for One Night with the Prince! Starting today, April 10 at 6pm PST to April 13 at 6am PST, you can get One Night with the Prince on Amazon for $0.99!

That's a whole 88% discount! 

What are you waiting for? Make sure to check it out on Amazon so you can get it at that awesome discounted price!



P.S. Don't forget to leave a review! Also I will be posting a sneak preview this weekend on my Facebook page for my up and coming book #Awkward! :D
saadiiya posted a message to mamie1990
Hey , 
I want to ask how i can read the last few chapters of 'My Beloved'. I love the book but i want to read how it is ending. So how can undead the rest ? x