I want to thank all of those who read my work and give me feedback. I look at each person's comment, vote and fan! I appreciate all those who even bother giving me review, because you guys are the one who keep motivating me to write! If I didn't discover Wattpad and receive any feedback, I guarantee you, I'd still be saving chapters as documents on Word. 

Anyhoo, let's get on with all about me!:

Of course I love English (including Shakespeare, The Outsiders, Big Brother, etc) but I am also in love with watching movies and tv shows! I'll list some of my favourite tv shows and channels, because if I were to list movies, I'd run out of characters! : Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds, TLC, Food Network, Ellen, The Simpsons, That's So Raven, How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Breaking Bad, etc...

I was born in Canada, more specifically in Toronto. I'm in highschool, I love roller coasters, I'm single, Huge chocolateholic, I blabber a lot, I have annoying siblings, Nobody other than a few friends know about my writing and you guys, I love music and it varies from country to rock 9Love Maroon 5!), Family comes first, I can't sing but I do it anyways, I love makeup and you can find me at my local Sephora store!, I love snow, I hate vampires, Drake is my homeboy!, God means everything to me, I'm straights (too many hot guys), I love tattoos although I don't have any and I don't think I will, I have long brown hair, and brown eyes, I would wanna be Jamacian if I could choose, and that's pretty much everything! #randomthings


TBH, I know that one of these days I'm going to meet this one special guy, where sparks are going to fly and I'm going to memorized by his eyes, he'll be my sexy mate. I have firm faith that this will indeed happen. I can't wait to be Luna of my Alpha mate's pack! (I really loves wolves)

Oh, and I make banners, so don't hesitate to ask.. 

Inbox me if you wanna talk.
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