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From Exit to Enter (Werewolf Story) ON HOLDAll It Took Was One BiteTook me from my world

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Hey! I love this book, when do you think you'll upload again? Ta me I mo chonai i gcontae na mhi freisin, go raibh mile a mhaith agat mar is...
Sha'tan: The Moon Lady

This is so terrible cliche it makes my eyes hurt to read. When you're writing its best to use a policy of "show don't tell", don't just come out...
I'm an Alpha too

This book is brilliant! I love how original it is compared to all the other werewolf books on this thing, well done update soon!
Things that Go Bump in the ...

If he's her mate why hasnt he told her or tried to spend time with her? you would think that if he's been missing his matae for years and then...
In the Land of the Lycans

I like this story but i can't believe you're ending it here! its like you just built up to the climax of the story and then suddenly stopped!
The Curse of the Sun and th...