Hey my fellow stalkers! 
My name's Anna...which you have probably already discovered anyway...anyhoo

What you probably don't know is how much of a weird kid I am. I LOVE the Winter...it's just soooooo Wintery???

Unlike half of the female population I love running and playing soccer with occasional softball. I just love the outdoors.

I tend to talk A LOT so please excuse my rambling! I'm very energetic and I like to consider myself as someone fun to be around.

I love my friends and I respect them for putting up with me everyday. 

I have brown hair with brown eyes...yuck...I know...you probably expected something like I have awesome purple eyes and jet black TOTALLY controllable hair.

Yeah, no

I have two incredibly annoying brothers who I love to death.

I have never been in love...I know I have written countless books on Romance and I'm pretty much clueless in the topic itself.

I play the violin and I have been playing for five years now to the horror of my parent's eardrums.

I'm a total bookworm!!!!!! I love any type of genre but Romance happens to be one most found in my library.

I'm a straight A student *winces* I know nerd alert.
I have a fear of growing old and getting all wrinkly...yuck...

I love to eat olives and pickles...yum...but I completely despise any purple food *shudders*

I love rollerblading....sigh...it's just so fun to get your knees scraped so you can't wear skirts for weeks.

If you've stayed this far than please fan my bestest writing buddy CarringtonAnnxx!!! She's an awesome writer!!!

I love helping children so I plan on becoming a pediatric oncologist. I love kids and I just can't bear to see their childhood rippled by cancer.

I plan on traveling the world when I get older, so if you see a weird looking kid with brown hair and brown eyes that's eating a pickle and glaring at an eggplant...it's probably ME!!!!
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