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Sold into Slavery

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Description: When Jasmine was 15 she was sold into slavery by her aunt. She escaped the slave traders only to find that a life of prostition was the only option. One her 17th birthday Jasmmine goes on a walk with her new friend Lila. They wake up as slaves, on a...

A/N I don't know about you but I think true stick-with-you-through-think-and-thin best friends are hard to find. I was luckily enough to find 2 of them when I was in my teens. We may not live in the...
This is getting ridiculous.. Don't make promises you aren't going to keep. If you don't plan to update then don't post a date and let people get all excited. Just put it on hold or something. I've wasted a lot of time today waiting for this to be updated and now it's almost midnight and I'm giving up on this book.