Didn't see my name up there?
      Okay, my name is Sierra. I have the weirdest surname, Winter. And yeah, I love winter!!!!
      17 years old.
      on the pic, I'm the one on the left. The girl on the right's my best friend, Brittany! Love her a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I think Andy Sixx is hot, but ey, he'll never come closer to the one guy who's going to be mine...pretty soon.
      A major fan of BVB and Asking Alexandria.
      I love tiny things.
      I write poetry.
      I can be quite nice...and quite cold.
      Some people call me a crazy bitch, and some call me a sweet girl.
      I really couldn't care less what people think of me?
      I love my family. If anyone messes with them, I swear he/she will wish they never met me.
      I've been hurt so I know how it feels. Not nice.
      Hurt? talk to Sierra!!!
      pm me? I'll reply!!
      oh, if you see @XPerfectDistraction, He's mine!!!!!
      Don't look at him!!!
      Don't dare!
      Oh, you wanna mess with me??
      Hahaha. I'm joking ey.
      Still, don't look!
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