Status: buying my warped tour tickets! ..... :D (2 years ago)


Name Lane.
Location At a concert. ;D
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Don't ask me why I'm weird because idk but I'M NOT COMPLAINING. 
"why are you so weird?"
- "why are you normal?" 
YEAH BRO, you have no excuse for being normal. 
Random people are my best freaking friends. 
You got it dude.
Okay, enough let's get to the facts! lol....I totally suck at these things but whatever.
- Favorite color? GREEN. ....I don't freaking know. 
- Bands? ohhhhmyyyylaawwwwd. All I have to say is that anyone who listens to All Time Low is freaking AMAZING and is my bestfriend! WHOOP.
- (I really listen to a crap load of music buuuuuut, I'm too lazy to write the rest of the bands.) ..... :D 
- I want a turtle.....anyways!
- I'm single and straighter than the pole yo mama dances on! LOL....I'm totally going to let yall think I came up with that myself....heheheh :D 
- I am guy crazy, but I have no problem being faithful. <3 
- I have green eyes that change colors alot, but I'm in love with brown eyes. 
- I'm 17 about to be 18.
gotta go to a concert now....BYE. :D

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