Okay lets re-write this thing .

You have just stumbled on my profile so welcome !

The name is Lynne ... 
I love to read, it is no longer a hobby more like an obsession :p 
Wattpad has been so useful but sometimes I regret opening this site because im so addicted that I barely leave it alone. I have it on my phone ,my laptop, my friends laptop, my friends phone. Its very silly actually .

If I have to live in an island with one thing to eat , it would have to be chocolate definitely!

Blue and green are my favorite colors.

I hate people who think to highly of themselves and disrespect other people. You should treat people how you want to be treated!

Top three series :

1- Pretty Little Liars
2- True Blood
3- Revenge

Top three Authors:

1- Sophie Kinsella 
2- Ceceila Ahern 
3- Marian Keyes

Top three Wattpad Authors:

1- @kristy1000
2- @XxSkater2Girl16xX
3- @lily-rain
There are many others but these are my top three.

I would love if you guys would read my work and tell me what you think .

Thanks for reading !

Lynne xx
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Living with the ten Henderson Brothers (ON HOLD )

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Description: What would you do if your family dies? Donna is like any other girl with dreams like anybody else but after her parents die everything changes.She finds that she has to go and live with Robert ( her dad's best friend) and his family,but what happen...


HI lol,So i'm so sorry that i haven't had the time to continue LWTTHB but just so you know, i edited the first 2 parts and they're pretty awesome hahah. i hope that you guys haven't given up on me yet. 
So my advice is that you read them all the chapters again, cause i might have changed my characters. 
Tell me what you all think, and i promise to edit all the chapters today. 
Thanks for reading,