I Love 2 read books, watching anime like Death note and others, play football, dance, I hug random people(Sometimes), I'm in love with wolves, I like bunnies, Oli Skyes is sexy(You know he is don't lie to me) Dahvie and Jayy are sexy as fudge. i'm 5'5-ish, i'm supper shy, I dont have a lot of friends, I love to ride dirt bikes, I love to skate board. Elyar Fox is sexy. I have a brother named Tony but I call him Tonedeaf.(because he sucks a singing)

Favorite music: 
Hollywood undead-
Pour me,
This love, this hate,
Hear me now,
Tear it up
Black Veil Brides-
Perfect Weapon
Nobody's Hero,
Knives and pens,
Nobody's Hero,
Fallen angels, 
In the end, 
Set the world on fire
Awake and alive, 
Bring me to life, 
My immortal, 
Call me when your sober, 
Sweet sacrifice
Pierce The Veil:
King for a day
Blood on the dance floor:
Death to your heart
Rise and shine
Secondhand Serenade-
Fall for you,
Last song ever

Things i hate:
My picture taken

|............| Put this on you'r page if you ever 
|.........O| pushed a door that said pull.
( I always do that and I end up hitting my face off the door and get a bloody nose)

When people tell me that they are Italian and I'm like I dont care what you are but I'm human.
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Description: These are just dream that I can never forget. So I thought I would write them down.