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I never really know how to start these thing, they always feel weird. Like i'm opening up to strangers and telling them random and pointless things about me and my life. So i guess i should start writing my awkward information that you really don't care about. 
i'm 17 
i hate capital "i's" always have, something about them bugs me
i wish my life was like the books i read, full of love, friendship, luck but most of all a reason and purpose
i'm going to be a doctor, but if i could i would travel the world and write stories of the people i would meet
i have a mad addiction for reading, best thing ever
coffee and caffeine are my drugs
tumblr is a god sent for me 
i have an undying love for food, mostly spicy food and coffee 
my life's cliche is the typical one; i fell in love with my best friend, the jock, the football player and he felt the same way. funny thing is i moved about 5 thousand miles away from him. it took those 5 thousand miles for us to admit how we felt and it was too late. now i get to talk to him, be his friend and watch as someone else takes the place i want in his life. 

“We have this weird thing in the world where you don't get insulted for what you do, you get insulted for who you are.” 
― John Green
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Just Right
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