welcome to my world.

my name is summer and i love you already.

i'm fourteen *le gasp* thanks for asking.

the world isn't as awful as you think it is because pizza exists and it's amazing.

s t a y p o s i t i v e !

what's in the works?

the string series 
book one - picking up the pieces ✓
book two - wrists to hold ✓
book three - comforting sounds
book four - internally pure
book five - behind closed doors
book six - masquerade

|| books three - six will be up with time ||

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Picking Up the Pieces // Harry Styles

Social data: 3.3M reads. 57.3K votes. 7.7K comments.

Description: Harry was tired of it. He was tired of being the "lead singer" of the band. He was tired of being "the flirty, filthy manwhore". He hated the fame. He hated the attention. He hated everything. Scarlett was tired of breathing. She just got out o...

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Lucky Me // Niall Horan

Lucky Me // Niall Horan

9.4M 105K 28.8K

I was just another fan to him. I didn't think by sending that one little tweet to Niall Horan, 1/5 of th...

Farewell and Goodnight || Sequel to Closer to You

Farewell and Goodnight || Sequel to Closer to You

54.6K 3.1K 667

There is new love, new hope, and new adventures to be shared. Ella is back at college to finish her seco...

My Warrior // Liam Payne

My Warrior // Liam Payne

7.8K 681 75

We were both fighters, never lovers. When we took a chance with love, I lost him in the process.

Wrists to Hold // Louis Tomlinson

Wrists to Hold // Louis Tomlinson

37.8K 1.6K 206

"It makes you feel again. Like CPR. You're alive. Jolted right back into your body. That's what it does...

I'm pretty sure that I've read Lucky Me and In Between about... 18 times each. My god I love it! It's so hard to find stories like yours these days... Some of them are in no interests of mine...
OMG I FINALLY FOUND YOU. Oh wait, that sounds creepy. What I mean is I've read More Than This like when it first came out and I read the sequel and everything and I meant to put it in my 1D favs reading list but I didn't and I couldn't find it and now I have and I'm never letting go lol. It's goin in my favorites rn
Hello I commented on the LUCKY ME prologue and so ya I just followed you. Oh man that sounded really creepy,  I mean, I hit the follow+ button. I am so sorry I am not a stalker and never will be one. Again I am so sorry!