Hello everybody! 
My name is Lauren. I am 18 years old and writing is my life. 

I like: writing, drawing, making stuff, running around, opening gates, watching clouds, and mac and cheese. 

I wanna be a writer/ graphic designer (I make my own covers for my larger stories)
I don't play sports...EVER. 

Grape Nut is a man who dresses up in a purple suit with bunny ears and angel wings and runs marathons. Strange, you think? Think again! he raises thousands of dollars for children with Cancer and donates to the Snowdrop Foundation. He is such an inspiration to me and i hope one day i can help as many people as he has. <3 Like his page on Facebook please and help support Cancer Patients everywhere!! https://www.facebook.com/MyGrapeNut    

HEY!!             THE          FOLLOWING           IS         ACTUALLY             IMPORTANT!!!
i have made a separate account for my poetry. only my favorite poems of mine will be shown on this account. all the rest (which still might have potential) is located under 'L_anonymous'.
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A Needed Chance

Social data: 18.7K reads. 531 votes. 321 comments.

Description: After the accident, everything changed and almost everything was lost. Can Riddick ever take back his life? His Identity? Will Chance- a very unexpected friend- save Riddick from the pain, or will it be the other way around? Everyone just needs a ch...

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The Ax Handle (On Hold)

The Ax Handle (On Hold)

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Annabell and Frank have never met. Frank was always happy, and Annabell is hard to please. In her psycho...

Short Stories! and poetry?

Short Stories! and poetry?

1.8K 18 29

Short stories and Poetry. some aren't very good because i wrote them just because i could. enjoy&lt;3

Because I Found Her (On Hold)

Because I Found Her (On Hold)

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Harley is a boy who, one day, happens to stumble upon a lost girl with a forbidden past. He helps Emlee...

If I Were....

If I Were....

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