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Im a hypercrazy person who loves to read like crazy!!!

a note from charlotte(taschas best friend)
please can you read tascha's book if you are reading this cause it's amazin!when she says she is crazy shes not lying, once she put a twix in the microwave for ten minutes because she wanted to melt the biscuit as well! there was thick black smoke everywhere! she really is an idiot! (she really will be embarassed that I told you this, but who cares. mwahaha)
goodbye my little darlings <3xx

sooo...after the above comment im sure youll be left with the immpression, how stupid can you get? i get stupider. I tried to open the back door with a stick. and blocked up the keyhole. that was really stupid.  

so anyway about me! I love to read! apparebtly i have a flat nose cause its always stuck to the pages of a book! And i LOVE MUSIC!!! it sthe best thing since ultimate cheese toasties. i also love to cook but i once accidently nearly cut the top of my finger off and i can no longer feel the end! oopsie daisy! also i love melted cheese! it is yummy! i love to sing and my friends say my life is a musical! i also cannot sing for cheese! preferably melted! which is sad! i play saxopjone! badly! I find it insanely difficult to summon the concentration to watch films that aren't animated! by the way ultimate cheese toasties has mouldy melted cheese in it among other various cheeses which i cant divulge to you because it is between me and my sister!
bye m'loves!!!!!!!!!! loves you lots and lots and lots!!!!!!
ps my theme tune is space pirates, which i have never seen but somehow know the themetune to.
pps please fan my friends @ninjagurubrownbear (she is a totally amazing writer you should totally read her stories)and @charlingtonthefirst ! they are the bestest friends ever!




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A to Z of Life

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