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 ❝music is a safe kind of high.❞ —jimi hendrix

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The Right Side of the Wrong Bed || Bruno Mars

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Description: They say life is better when you are drunk. But what if there was some sort of magic liquor, a no ordinary one, that can turn anyone who drinks it drunk for five straight years, would you take a sip from it? Bruno and Faye did. And so the next five...

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Trainstop || Bruno Mars

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Hayley Kirtsen Jackson was pregnant at 21 when Peter Hernandez saw her at a train stop in Brooklyn. Imme...

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To Gillian || b.m. one shot

To Gillian || b.m. one shot

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A very simple one shot I did for a friend. -lockedandloaded

lockedandloaded commented on Rise [Bruno Mars] - Chapter twenty

Everything shattered. I'd been clinging on to a branch protruding out of a cliff and my hold slipped and I was falling. My heart actually stopped, then beat into a frantic rhythm. I spiraled down dow...
I read this after school on a friday at rush hour while waiting for a bus. It was such a wrong decision bc I had to stand myself from doing anything that would get me attention like collapsing on the ground. Believe me it was hard bc your words chels, they stung. They pierced. Those lines above that I highlighted are those that blew me away the most. My emotions are the same. It's like you're dictating what I should feel. I read them only to feel them myself.

Poor adrian. This girl is so wounded. She deserves all the right to have a happy ending. I'm gonna be so heartbroken if they won't be together in the end. I won't be able to eat for days. I'm gonna punch random people's faces. I'll be that loner at the station waiting for a train that doesn't come. Lol. 

About joseph... ummm.. I honestly don't want to guess bc I don't want to be wrong lol. Joseph is probably the most confusing character I've ever read. I'm even more confused of his intentions that Valentine's in--which book was that?? The part where jace was seeing Valentine.. yeah that one. Wow I just realized that. Joseph is so unpredictable. Ok ok.. here's my guess. I think he's a straight up villain. He's obviously not saying something. But idk. He should be evil bc if he's not I think we cannot get rid of him and dri will always have a soft spot for him which shouldn't be.

chels this story I can say is so well thought of. It's unbelievable how you wrote the plot. So unpredictable, so cassandra clare. RESPECT