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 ❝music is a safe kind of high.❞ —jimi hendrix

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    idk. neverland is mainstream, and so is narnia.
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The Right Side of the Wrong Bed || Bruno Mars

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Description: They say life is better when you are drunk. But what if there was some sort of magic liquor, a no ordinary one, that can turn anyone who drinks it drunk for five straight years, would you take a sip from it? Bruno and Faye did. And so the next five...

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Trainstop || Bruno Mars

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To Gillian || b.m. one shot

To Gillian || b.m. one shot

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A very simple one shot I did for a friend. -lockedandloaded

that was a filler chapter???!! didn't seem like it gil. bruno and elise's love scene got me grinning so hard and then my dad appears, i had to hide my face and control myself from squealing.

im kind of sad about cassie tho. she changed. oh well.. i'm glad that at least shes not trying to win bru back and ruin his relationship with el. for a second i thought she was gonna do just that.

great job gil. im excited for the next chapters too xx