music and writing. architecture. michael jackson. bruno mars. ed sheeran. the rolling stones. lana del rey. the 1975. johnny depp. shadowhunters. 

 ❝music is a safe kind of high.❞ —jimi hendrix

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    idk. neverland is mainstream, and so is narnia.
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The Right Side of the Wrong Bed || Bruno Mars

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Description: They say life is better when you are drunk. But what if there was some sort of magic liquor, a no ordinary one, that can turn anyone who drinks it drunk for five straight years, would you take a sip from it? Bruno and Faye did. And so the next five...

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Trainstop || Bruno Mars

Trainstop || Bruno Mars

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Hayley Kirtsen Jackson was pregnant at 21 when Peter Hernandez saw her at a train stop in Brooklyn. Imme...

Natalie || Bruno Mars

Natalie || Bruno Mars

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To Gillian || b.m. one shot

To Gillian || b.m. one shot

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A very simple one shot I did for a friend. -lockedandloaded

Omg I can imagine you grinning gil.. You look so cute! Lol i could've made them do that. Totally right about bruno being an attention seeker haha!

Thank you, gil. I hope my grades are ok tho. I'll try to update more frequently despite me being a slow writer. Thank you gil for the undying support and enjoy your sembreak! :)

Aww juls stop you! Everything you said made me blush and sent my heart soaring. But I have to disagree with bruno and faye's love team being better than hazel and augustus'. That's like comparing rock to a diamond lol. But I appreciate you saying it. It means a lot, juls. *wipes single tear*

I'm just gonna think positively and hope that one day I'll see him finally. Thanks for cheering me up. I smiled at the idea of you being a fairy. You'd look cute :) good luck on your finals juls love ya!