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Reggie and Rah.

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Description: [SEQUEL TO TRAP QUEEN] Reggie and Rah. You don’t hear one name without the other. We partners in crime, ever since we was little. We’ve been through a lot in Compton, but since we’ve moved to Chicago, we got even more problems that...

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Be Good, Keisha.

Be Good, Keisha.

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Being born in Chicago ain’t easy. Everywhere you turn, guns, violence—it’s hard not getting...

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Trap Queen.

Trap Queen.

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Compton changed everything. In Riverdale, I used to be able to walk outside at night withou...

Catfish: Featuring Rayan [Episode Three]

Catfish: Featuring Rayan [Episode Three]

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Alani never fit in at school. She is confused about her sexuality, making her even more a misfit. When...

Catfish: Featuring Chresanto [Episode Two]

Catfish: Featuring Chresanto [Episode Two]

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Lola is twenty-six-years-old, with a good paying job and her head on straight. The only thing Lola doesn...

i agree with azealia 100%. like many people have said - hiphop is going to be monopolized and capitalized by white people so much, that in 20 years or so people won't realize we're the ones that came up with it. same thing happened with jazz and rock 'n roll. [even house music]. i stopped taking award shows seriously period considering the fact last year macklemore won over kendrick lamar and macklemore doesn't even make music anymore to my knowledge. and with T.I. . . smh. he's black and he'll break his neck to defend iggy azalea. a woman that said she was a runaway slave master and fakes her voice to try and emulate what she thinks a black girl sounds like!! wtf. but seriously i knew that when anaconda was nominated for a grammy i knew it was going to be one of the worst grammy's yet. lmao, i defo won't be watching. . . i'm too passionate about hip-hop
livythecreator commented on soft ghetto. - preface.

i love the fact this book starts right in the action, making you wonder what's going on without it being too confusing. also, i like the cliffhanger and how suspenseful this is. it makes you wonder what's going to happen next.
im looking for a book i already read its about a girl that is being sexually assaulted by her mothers boyfriend and she kills him and her mother takes the rap for the murder did u write sonething like this