Name: (You can make it up)

Religion: Proud Christian!

Fave colour: umm... all of them

Fave singers: paramore, Adele, Script, Bruno Mars, All Time Low, Newton Falkner, Bastille, Sleeping With Sirens

Personality: Class clown! Random!

Age: infinity plus one

Relationship: I'm in a complicated relationship with food...I love it, but it's making me fat. 
Actual Relationship: Relationship? OVER MY PARENTS' DEAD BODIES....

Siblings: None :-( (*starts singing All By Myself*)

Fave food: Chocolate, nutella, bread, pizza, pasta, Chinese food... anything.(wow i'm so healthy)

Nationality: British - colour not color! 

Status: addicted to Wattpad

fave book: Percy Jackson series, Heroes of Olympus, Dreamless, Starcrossed

Ambition: to become a writer, and possibly less lazy.

Motto: If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are strong enough to get up.

Fave tv programmes: Fairy tail (i dont know if that count coz its an anime) Once upon a Time, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Avatar the Last Airbender, Arrow, The Mentalist, Suburgatory and many more i'm struggling to remember

Fave subject: English, ummm History, Geography, italian, Classic Civilisation.

Musical talents: I play the violin (i am so cool)

Fave time of the year: Christmastime

 When it comes to writing I never let anyone read it and if they do i have to go into a completely separate room because i'm always afraid that they'll think its bad or stupid or too long. So i hope putting my stories on Wattpad will cure me from that fear-which i have decided to call Readaphobia!
Supportive comments will really help. 
Second account @DanDanNoodles fan that one so i can fan back - zis one is getting full

-To get 3000 fans
-To get 10,000 votes on a piece of work
-To make someone smile :-)
-To get 100,000 reads on a piece of work
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I'm the Girl

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Description: Are you The Girl?

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The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

357 40 15

Better to be friends than nothing right?

Rose are red, violets are blue

Rose are red, violets are blue

2.5K 243 74

Just a simple poem, not the best one i've written but i enjoyed writing it nonetheless.

Won't Someone Please

Won't Someone Please

4K 231 63

This is a poem that I entered into a competition. Thought you guys might like to see it.

When People Bring You Down

When People Bring You Down

3.7K 303 106

If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are strong enough to get up.

Hello!! :) You said you were british, does that mean you have a british accent? Just wondering. :) And you're lucky you have no siblings.  Lol also, I'm a Christian and proud too! :D
Hi. Could you share your religion, your beliefs, your blessings, and how you know of your church to be true for one of my books? You have books about Jesus, so I see. I am LDS. We believe in Christ as well. People seem to misunderstand my church. We are commonly called Mormons. Could you share with me your religion?