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14 Years Young!
I'm one of those writers who has to have a prompt/picture to start a story... sorry. Most of my "books" will from my english class this year. I'm really hungry right now. We legit have lunch at like 12:45. SMALL GURL GOTTA EAT.

Anyways.... As you could tell from the books I read, I like One Direction. If like is even a strong enough word. I know all the insiders (6. hehe) but I'm not one of those obsessed fans... *cough cough* some friends *callie* *cough cough*

I happen to be in an AP English class, so I should get at least one good idea this year.... Any good prompts, just message me!

I don't bite.
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Leaving Him Behind (A Liam Payne Fan-Fiction)Leaving Him Behind (A Liam Payne Fan-Fiction)

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i liked it, but i thought it could go into a little more detail, and a little slower. but overall, i liked it
Wet N' Wild with One Direction

haha! this is actually pretty cool cause I live close by lake martin! i can't wait to read what happens next!
Wet N' Wild with One Direction