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Heyyy People :)
Okaiii So im a girl as you already know:P  Im friendly but very loyal to me friends and to the people I love<3 I ADORE reading thats why wen ever I can I join sites that are realli awesome like Wattpad and Quizilla and all that::) I loveee to watch shows like Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, Haven, Walking Dead, and Vampire Diaries. I think tat Damon, Stefan, Sam, Dean, Lucas, Nathan, Spencer Reed, Morgan n Hotch are smokinggg hot..I love them allll...Gosh now you people mite think im crazyy..oh well who likes to be normal, I like being the crazy person I am :D our levels of craziness makes us unique LOL! haha tats something I tell people who call me crazyyy or something...hmm I love readin as you noe..I love Harry Potter series,, I like Twilight..but I LOVE and I mean crazy LOVE Blue Bloods and Vampire Academy Series..they are what keep me alive I tell you..THey are OMFG AMAZING..if someone still didnt read say GO right now and Read them...OMG Jack Force and Dimitri Belikov and Christian Ozera...I loveeee themmm:) Anywayyy I love Horror movies and shows..basically I like everything...welll I dont realli like all that Romantic stuff...hmmm theres not much about I said I am shy but if you wanna noe me feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind :) 

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Totally and absolutely love it! =)

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