Hai, I'm Malique
Im pretty boring boring but im nice :)
I like writing poetry and i have a big issue for not finishing my stories :/
I also write a lot of lyrics for songs i write

I play guitar, trombone, baritone, drums, and im a DJ
I listen to techno, drum and bass, dubstep, trance, rock, indie, soft rock, country, death metal, K-Pop, Japanese rock, Japanese rap, and Japanese pop
Music is a big part of my life
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    Newport News, Virginia
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    2 years ago

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The Leader of The Outcast

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Description: Lique aka The Leader has always been bullied. He had enough of the torment of his fellow piers. He comes up with a plan with kids all over the country to get there revenge! The bullies have no idea the torment they have in store for them.

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