Status: Ugh, tired if my books getting updated but there is nothing there to read and the parts show up a few days later. (9 months ago)


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My name is Marcy. I'm a twin. I have lots of siblings, ( A LOT, so just ask, if you really want to know.) I love reading, camping, driving, racing, swimming, and I love to play sports. I live in The U.S.A, in Colorado. I live in the country. I also love country music, and other genre's, but I hate screamo stuff. If you want to know more about me just ask.

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@TheSlamster I have to agree with you. Lol
Wait For Me

Duncan deserved what he had coming, such a D-bag!
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I agree, expecially with Thanksgiving tomorrow, we deserve and extra update. Lol
My Teenage Nightmare

Great Story, I loved it....
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Great story, love it!!!!
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