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I have MOVED people. My new account is AngelicaFeline. My sister will be using this until we can confirm hers. Thank you all for reading my stories. <3 I have gotten much better at writing now. Hope you enjoy my sister's stories, she's well on her way to becoming a writer just like me! <3 You GO girl!!


Legend of the Medallion {WIP}

Legend of the Medallion {WIP}

2 pages, updated Nov 16, 2012PG-13
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hey guys! I just wanted to say that my story is based on snow white and the yeah.
Legend of the Medallion {WIP}

ahhhh i dont care they wont be able to stalk me by only knowing my age. oh and to all of the other people out there, she is my sister , angelica.
Legend of the Medallion {WIP}

Your story is really good, I think it's the best story I have read yet. Plz make more.
Amalgam Nation [This could ...

Thx for reading!!! and if you dont like it, dont juge me because I am only ten. once again THANK YOU!
Legend of the Medallion {WIP}