i'm 19, and i love to read and write,  i love God and the Bible, my family and friends are important to me too. i love anime and manga!
please check it!

My number one goal is to have people read and enjoy my books and poems
My second goal is to have tons of fans.
Third goal is to have comments good or bad.
my fourth goal is to have tones of votes.
my fifth goal is to try and find a great cover for my books
my sixth goal is to find a publisher person. (hint-hint) *Wink-wink*

Favorite books
-the High heel mysteries.
-House of Night Series
-Twilight Saga
-The warrior cat series
-Vampire Academy Series

Favorite movies & TV shows:

-Twilight Saga
-17 again
-A Cinderella story
-Red riding hood
-the familiar of zero
-pound puppies
-my little pony-friendship is magic

My favorite Author is Nora Roberts, I just love paranormal books, romances, mysteries, historical romance, ECT. music i like about everything. i have a 7yr old girl shih-tzu named Scooby Doo, i have my licence, and i have been working on my story 'A Were's Love Story ' for over a year now, i hope you like.

here are some of those friends: http://wattpad.com/ShilohDarke     http://wattpad.com/Lucy_Summers    http://wattpad.com/Luna_Wolf    http://wattpad.com/sunshinefilly115   http://wattpad.com/hina_knight      http://wattpad.com/elenamoreno25   http://wattpad.com/Djennings1    http://wattpad.com/stripykitty
1) I love dogs
2) I read in my free time
3) I don't like cussing, but i understand sometimes it is necessary
4) Jesus is my life
5) I love my family and friends.
6) If you would like to share your story, go ahead.
7) Wolves are totally awesome
8) I like draw.
9) I laugh a lot, love life, and you could count my friends on one hand.
10) I am shy to new people, but when i get to now you, you wont be able to get me to shut up. lol
...and I don't like abortion....
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A full-time mommy, with a part-time job

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Description: Rachel Dancer, has been abused for so long, and the breaking point was on her birthday, when her mate rejected her, after bedding with her. She ran away, and never looked back. Days later she found out she was pregnant, and now had to find a job...

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Kiss me

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The prince's convenient bride

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I am a city wolf, living in a lonely world

I am a city wolf, living in a lonely world

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A sorta sequel to A were's love story Caspian wants to find that part of him that's missing. So when...

a bunch of poems

a bunch of poems

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just a bunch of poems i'm working on

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please comment, i wanna hear what you have to say. Please
and thank you, for taking the time to read my works. :D :)