I´m a forty-four-year-old English teacher from Argentina who loves reading and writing fan fiction in her spare time.

My early works revolved around Smallville's Lex Luthor and, mostly, Chlex.. At present, I'm completely devoted to penning stories with some of the wonderful characters the amazingly talented Richard Armitage has helped bring to life; notably, Sir Guy of Gisborne, John Thornton and Lucas North.
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From Russia with Love

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Description: Lucas arrives home from Russia intent on getting his life back, including the love of a woman whose memory's kept him alive.

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lillianschild commented on To be Worthy - Chapter X

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic review.
      Rest assured that this story won't be abandoned. I'm simply too absorbed by my tutoring right now to work on my two WIPs at a faster pace. I'm still writing but the new chapters of this one and my Lucas /Vyeta fic- From Russia with Love- are coming slowly because of my teaching commitments.
      Are you a member of C-19 or The Armitage Army forums? They have some very nice Guy fics. I also suggest joining Dreamerfiction, a forum completely devoted to unique quality fiction of all ratings inspired by Richard's characters. If you're interested in joining the latter, make sure to press the "Board Index" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the site to be able to register. The only requisite is to be of age.

This is turning out to be your most accomplished work so far. 
      I can't imagine what Seth must be feeling like after having so many bombs dropped in his lap- his true parentage, his father's dark past & Guy's love for another woman; just way too much for a ten-year-old to handle. 
      I also feel for Guy. He's such a wonderful father and husband and has allowed the goodness and promise Marian once saw in him to flourish only to see everything crushed in the space of a day. The revelation of his true past in such a dramatic fashion wasn't unexpected; it was bound to happen. It was impossible to keep such a dark secret under wraps for so long; sooner or later someone he knew would talk and the truth would come up.  He was given a blessed reprieve and the opportunity to build a loving and healthy relationship with his wife and family, a safe net that, hopefully, will be strong enough to see him through difficult times. 
      Keeping my fingers crossed for father & son to find a way back to each other. Looking forward to the following chapter.