Hi everyone (Peeps), I’m Louis and I'm a self-proclaimed professional geek! @_@ 

I'm into anything cult from Box set TV [Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang theory to Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad!]

Movies obviously! All the comic classics and new greats [Blade, Matrix - Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy!]

In my mind I'm an avid con-goer too but only manage one or so a year in reality lol!

I'm also a family man and I live in London Town!

Proactively, I've been writing for 8 years now.  Hard Sci-Fi / Climate (Cli-Fi) / Disaster Fiction is my forte (I'm a planet Earth lover lol). During that time I’ve self-published and made tonnes of mistakes - like tonnes upon tonnes lol! Rightly so, I apologise to anyone who was subjected to my early works - forgive me, I was an eager rookie lol! I’ve also learned a lot and had milestone triumphs by seeing my work get better. Right now I’m continuing to rework my debut novel, The Initiative, followed by its sequel, The Directive. I spend my general time networking on social media and reading as much Science Fiction and Fantasy as I can – especially on Wattpad!
My latest mainstream inspiration is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  For me, it has set a standard which I hope one day I can achieve. So naturally, I look forward to his next offering, Armada!

The Initiative

A futuristic tale of two Chinese brothers at war who reconcile and change the world

The sample is ready and I'll upload chapters regularly! Enjoy!
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The Initiative

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Description: A futuristic tale of two Chinese brothers at war, who reconcile and change the world! The dragon cover is metaphorical to this Hard Sci-Fi epic. The Initiative is not Fantasy

sauthca Hey Carey thanks for responding. I understand your points. it is frustrating when you want to write a certain way and people don't necessarily get it. Similarly to Stanley Kubrick in film, I'm not a fan. but I respect his work. I feel the same with Bradbury, Asimov etc. my favorite writer is Ernest Cline. and his Ready Player One is a complete contrast in style. I think a valid point is that most successful stories have powerful hook intros. then comes the slower narrative where everything else can develop. in such a cut throat industry, this is the best way to get attention. I'd say keep doing what you're doing. I loved your concept enough to look at your first chapter so you've definitely gotten the cover and concept right. maybe put an author note on there explaining what kind of story 24 is. I recently did the same with my own. the cover has dragons but isn't fantasy. it's metaphorical and I kept getting asked when the fantasy would start. the note has helped. also you could write a short that does follow a mainstream structure. at least this way people would see that your capable of writing a in popular style, but that 24 and that classic style is your prime forte. either way, good luck. and well done with 24. Louis :)

@Xbox_Girl Hey X! Thanks for taking a look. I'm in bed over on this side of the pond. But realy nice to read before I doze off lol! Thanks on the compliments :) I'vee been working on The Initiative for 7 YEARS now, so it's nice to know the hard work is paying off! I'm actually working on the last chapter 23. Then I'll be sorting it out to be republished by June and on Amazon etc. To you and Arma, thanks for taking the time. As you know, it's appreciated! Lou *_*

Hi Carey, I'm Louis! Amazing job! For me, I would seem to agree with most of what Harmeet said. I see that the novel is complete. Doing so is a grand achievement. But for some, they never want to 'restructure' something when getting continuous feedback. I'd say do it. we write for ourselves. but ultimately we want people to 'get it' & 'praise it'. more intensively, you will have that if you continue developing 24. I'd suggest reading popular books, look at online tutorials etc. if you've spent a lot of time and energy getting this far, you might as well get to the glorious finish line! Good luck Carey! Louis :)
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Hi Gavin. Yep, very grandiose indeed! Sorry it took a while to get to this. As a LOTR fan it was easy to envisage. The opening sentence was powerful. As was the "And so it ends, my friends" hook.
As always, your narrative was eloquently delivered, and most of all I enjoyed the 3-piece sword and its mystical qualities. Really fresh approach to a weapon as sacred and omnipotent as Excalibur itself. well done my man. You're the man.