People only come into your life either for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I'm Lexy and it is very nice to meet you! Hopefully, I'm here for a reason or a lifetime. Seasons are way too short.
Insanity is when someone does the same thing, and expects different results...But unfortunately all the best people are the least sane. So, moral of the story is -...um. What am I even going on about?
► ♀ Female.
►5'8 if your wondering for some odd reason.
►[My B-Day's:May 1st]
& I'm in love with love, reading, and music.
►I would absolutely love to travel the world one day!
► I'm a shopaholic. :'(
►Journalism and photography>>
Oh, and my weakness is men who love each other.*sigh* So cute C:
I'm no good at this introduction crap. lol 
You can inbox me if you want to, I love meeting new people!
I'm probably not anything like what you think I am, I can get really shy.
I love anime, mostly yaoi (not gonna lie -.-). If we have that in common than HOLLA.
LOL I need to stop now. K bye.
Yours Truly, Lexybrat.
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Azumere posted a message to lexybrat
My little demon was amazing I wish it was longer though hopefully you will add more like them having a baby c: and lots more romance