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Dear people who are reading this :)

I'm DANICA , i'm 14 years old

i live in the philippines a tropical place where its very warm... (:  a place where the scenery is beautiful except for the ugly houses huddled in a corner. 


FOOD!!! ..............

W A T T P A D xD

All Time Low 
Mayday Parade .. (there song just make me cry)
Rocket to the moon ........ (: baby baby blue eyes :)
Panic At The Disco..
Maroon 5 ( there old songs)
........the list goes on...............

Well I'm trying to avoid One Direction :((now because their hotness is effecting my grades
and I'm goaling for a scholarship in London or France for college .

yeah so that is it.. actually there is more but I'm too lazy to type oh well :)
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please update soon.. I love this book a lot, i also love Twisted Fate. I just wish Emily would wake up already and have Mikko as her mate..
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i really really wish they end up together.
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Don't make me cry more please.. its so hurtful whats happening between zach and tori .. :(
Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUB...

hahaha.. That was hilarious,, oh christian..
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i read this a year ago... re read it again its such a good book.. and PLEASE update Philip and Helens book..
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