I really hate the 6509 in my username cause that was my first date with my ex boyfriend. I don't wanna change it though cause then everything I have as laurieroxurox6509 will be gone.
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laurieroxursox6509 commented on I Was Never Yours - 10-Discovery

Noah. There he was, the love of my life standing a few feet from me and I couldn’t just go and run into his arms. With shaking legs I got up and started walking towards him and he did the same. The c...
I totally see Shane Harper as Noah for some reason.

“Nicole will probably be spitting fire right now. I’m almost afraid to run into her.” I shudder but only jokingly. Something changed last night, my inhibitions went away. Speaking to Jay, letting him...
@kamtheturtle The OC is a really good tv show. Trust me look it up and start watching and you'll be hooked.
laurieroxursox6509 commented on Never Have I Ever - Chapter 1

I cursed to myself, speeding up a little, and finally made it to my high school. I’d already managed to be late six times this year, which was my senior year, and they’d let me off the hook each time...
My school doesn't give detentions for being late. O.o