Hey guys! So I made this account because I love to read as just about anyone else here on wattpad does :D hopefully I'll get inspired to wrote something some day :)) so yeauhh... ehh i love hanging out with my friends. most of them think im weird im sure but thats what makes me awesome lol jk soooooo some random facts:

1.) my favorite colors are red, green, orange, blue and lets not forget the awesome color Black! :) for some reason i dont really like yellow... seems tooo bright to me>.< 

2.) ehhh i love to read like the nerd i am lol fave books are harry potter, twilight (hey dont judge :P), the house of night series, books by alyson noel, umm umm im pulling a blank but manyy more :) dont hessitate to suggest books i wanna know more awesome books.

3.) Im in highschool but taking college classes at the same time.. soo hopefully i graduate with an associates degree when i graduate from highschool!!! 

4.) i loooove music: almost al types from rap, R&B, pop, to rock, screamo, and even country :)

5.) i speak both english and spanish but im planning to learn more languages so i can travel!!

6.) i'd be lost in this huge but beautiful world we live in without my friends <3 they make my life as awesome as it is now.

and thats all about me anything else you want to know dont hessitate to ask!!!! :P    :D     :)      >.< 

ohhh and my name is lauren but some of my friends call me lauryy or laura when im being extra slow or weird lol
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