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Okay, so I have been planning to rewrite my bio for almost a year now- and with all the stuff that's going on in my life: school, more school, cold's, a writing course, some more school, a sprained ankle, and all the tribulations that arise by being a teenager in itself- has prevented me from doing so, until now. 

Im on the verge of turning twenty- which I doubt is going to be taken lightly when the time comes. Honestly, I dont know what it is with getting 'older' that makes me wish the 'Fountain of Youth' was real, maybe it's the thought of loosing my imagination- which seems impossible, since it controls my life- but even so, I don't want to turn into one of those writer's that has nothing new to say..

That is, if I make it in life as a writer. 

If it wasn't books that held me with a passionate vice; I'd probably be enrolled into a film school, as an aspiring movie director. Just something about creating, gets me excited. And then if not movies, I would be working on music- Not singing, of course, I just don't have the guts to be in any sort of spotlight. Im too damn awkward when it comes to attention- but I would like to be in the creating process, like a producer, or something along the lines.

My Favourite Books:
- Inkheart Series
-Twilight Saga
- Narnia Collection
- Old classics author's, like Shakespeare, Horace Walpole, Etc
- And Poem's by Shel Silverstein.
( Im constantly reading, and as I speak, Im reading two books, and have a lovely mess of books around my bed, waiting to be read for the first time..)

My Favourite Movies: 
-Elvis and Annabelle
-Finding Forrester
-War of The Worlds
-Easy Virtue
- Cemetary Junction ( The last twenty minutes)
- And anything to do with Disney.

My favourite music:
-Civil Twilight
-Bon Iver
-Ellie Goulding
-And so far I'm loving 'The Secret Cirle' Soundtracks. (You can find it on youtube!)

Hmm.. I dont know what else to say- and am quickly running out of room!
Wanna know more:


Twilight 6: Jane in Jacksonville. (Sequel)

Twilight 6: Jane in Jacksonville. (Sequel)

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Katie Swan, little sister of the well known Bella Swan, has already been to Forks, by her grandmother's request. And now that she has learned everyth... read more
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Twilight 5: The story of Katie Swan.

Twilight 5: The story of Katie Swan.

30 parts / 60 pages, updated Mar 08, 2011PGVideoPicturesCompleted
Katie Swan comes home for the first time in eight years, to find out that little old Forks is not the same as she left it. All she knows now, is that Bell... read more
260,477 reads votes 1,488 comments 122

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@SydneyAdams3 ;)
Twilight 5: The story of Ka...

Spellcheck Error. You'll see it written both ways throughout the story- and theres no way in hell I'm going back to correct them. Lol. Too much...
Twilight 5: The story of Ka...

@Ravenberry13 Yay! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks :)
Twilight 5: The story of Ka...

@twilightluvr An old friend of Hanser's.
Twilight 6: Jane in Jackson...

Wow. This is a great piece. Thanks for sharing Nikitta! I got goosebumps at, There is now a stone- where I once had a heart. What a perfect line.