i hate doing these, it makes me realizes how boring i am and im not sure anyone actually reads it but oh well here it goes.

I can be really hyper or im just...blah.
I love animals.
I favorite animals are wolfs and monkeys.
I can be random a times.
I love my family, even if at times i dont always show it.
My favorite colors are black and green.
I HATE the color pink.
I love to read, but i'm not all that creative so i dont write any stories.
Dolls and eyes creep me out main reason i have trouble looking people in the eye.
I'm shy to people i do not know.
The people i do know think a belong in the loony house.
I find holidays awkward.
I feel like im being watched 24/7, even when im by myself.
My favorite bands are
Black Veil Brides
The Summer Set
Adelitas Way
All Time Low
Fall Out Boy
Many more but those are my top five.

Well thats all i can think of to write...so bye....

You can stop reading now...

Why are you still reading this?????

Kinda freaked out now....


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